Summer is flying by, and unfortunately, the amount of sunlight has begun to decrease during the month of August.

We go from 14 hours and 41 minutes of sunlight on Monday, August 1st to 13 hours and 19 minutes of sunlight on Wednesday, August 31st. More noticeably, the sunsets 47 minutes earlier on August 31st (7:12 p.m.) than on August 1st (7:59 p.m. )

The full moon is on Thursday, August 11st. The August full moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon.

Here are the sunrise and sunset times in Bar Harbor for August 2022.

MondayAugust 15:187:59

TuesdayAugust 25:197:58
WednesdayAugust 35:207:57
ThursdayAugust 45:217:55
FridayAugust 55:237:54
SaturdayAugust 65:257:51
SundayAugust 75:257:51
MondayAugust 85:267:50
TuesdayAugust 95:277:48
WednesdayAugust 105:287:47
ThursdayAugust 115:307:46
FridayAugust 125:317:44
SaturdayAugust 135:327:42
SundayAugust 145:337:41
MondayAugust 155:347:39
TuesdayAugust 165:357:38
WednesdayAugust 175:367:36
ThursdayAugust 185:387:35
FridayAugust 195:397:33
SaturdayAugust 205:40 7:31
SundayAugust 215:417:30
MondayAugust 225:427:28
TuesdayAugust 235:437:26
WednesdayAugust 245:457:25
ThursdayAugust 255:467:23
FridayAugust 265:477:21

SaturdayAugust 275:487:19
SundayAugust 285:497:18
MondayAugust 295:507:16
TuesdayAugust 305:527:14
WednesdayAugust 315:537:12
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