It's hard to believe that 2022 is half over! Here are the sunrise and sunset times for Bar Harbor Maine for July 2022.

We go from 15 hours and 32 minutes of sunlight on July 1st to 14 hours and 43 minutes of sunlight on July 31st, so a loss of 49 minutes over the course of the month.

The full moon is on July 13th. The full moon is known as the Buck Moon as the male deers shed their antlers and have begun to regrow them in July.

Remember if you are going to drive up to Cadillac Mountain to watch the sunrise or sunset you will need reservations.

FridayJuly 14:508:22
SaturdayJuly 24:518:22
SundayJuly 34:518:22
MondayJuly 44:528:22
TuesdayJuly 54:538:21
WednesdayJuly 64:538:21
ThursdayJuly 74:548:20
FridayJuly 84:558:20
SaturdayJuly 94:568:20
SundayJuly 104:568:19
MondayJuly 114:578:19
TuesdayJuly 124:588;18
WednesdayJuly 134:598:17
ThursdayJuly 145:008:17
FridayJuly 155:018:16

SaturdayJuly 165:028:15
SundayJuly 175:038:15
MondayJuly 185:038:14
TuesdayJuly 195:048:13
WednesdayJuly 205:058:12
ThursdayJuly 215:068:11
FridayJuly 225:088:09
SaturdayJuly 235:088:09
SundayJuly 245:098:08
MondayJuly 255:118:07
TuesdayJuly 265:128:06
WednesdayJuly 275:138:05
ThursdayJuly 285:148:04
FridayJuly 295;158:03
SaturdayJuly 305:168:02
SundayJuly 315:178:00


MDI Sunrises July 2021

A month of sunrise photos taken by Officer Amie Torrey during the month of July 2021

Gallery Credit: Amie Torrey

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