Well this sounds like a lot of fun for any fan of Star Wars!  The 1932 Criterion Theatre in Bar Harbor will show a special sneak peak of the new Star Wars movie on Thursday, December 17th!

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens will be shown in it's entirety at 7PM, and then will continue to be shown on the historic Theatre's screen through Thursday, January 14th. The movie premieres nationwide on Friday, December 18th!  The folks at the Criterion have events planned for fans of the movie until December 27th!

A press release from the Criterion says, "a week-long celebration of special activities surrounding the film" are planned. “This movie is extra special,’ said board member Steve Boucher. “So many people in this town remember seeing the first Star Wars here at this Theatre .  It means something for us to be able to bring the new release here. There has been a lot of planning that has gone into this event. We really want everyone to be a part of the fun.”

A section of Cottage Street will be closed between 3 and 6PM right before the sneak peak premiere creating an "intergalactic passport" of sorts. “Fans may pick up their blank passports at the theatre, then collect stickers from participating shops that are designated as ‘planetary outposts,’ before return them to the theater for potential prizes,” said Carrie Jones, board member.

There will also be a costume march that night, along with a Jedi Academy with light saber training, an exhibit of fan art. For more information go to the Theatre's site!

Walt Disney Productions/Lucas Film