I want to share with you this great story of sportsmanship that took place at the PVC Track Championships at Brewer on Friday, May 25th. It's so easy to report on the "bad" things that students do. We should make sure we encourage and praise them when they do the "right" and good thing!

A Ellsworth parent wrote this

"Just wanted to say kudos to Micah Hallett and the rest of the MDI javelin throwers for yesterday (Friday). I am a parent of an Ellsworth javelin thrower and this is his first year at the event and he did not know he needed to have his javelin weighed and measured, so when it was time for the event, his javelin was not eligible. Micah spoke up and said MDI had one he could use, that had been weighed and measured. It was nice to see such good sportsmanship. Yours truly, Katie"

Well done Micah, and thank you Katie for taking the time to recognize such sportsmanship

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