Beginning October 29, 2018 Bar Harbor residents will be required to display solid waste permit stickers for the disposal of household garbage and recycled materials at the Transfer Station/Recycling Center on White Spruce Road.

Photo Bar Harbor Finance Department
Photo Bar Harbor Finance Department

Permit stickers will be issued at no charge to Bar Harbor residents and one sticker will be issued to each registered vehicle. The permit stickers must be applied to the vehicles windshield. Residents will need to present a vehicle registration, or utility bill to verify residency.

These stickers are now available at the Finance Office at 93 Cottage Street, the Public Works Facility at 50 Public Works Way in Hulls Cove, and at the Transfer Station / Recycling Center.

Property owners with vacation rentals may also be issued permits which will be enclosed within a rearview mirror hanger, to allow non-resident vacationing renters to dispose of waste at the Transfer Station. The hanger allows the property owner to retrieve the hanger, and reuse it for the next renter.  Property owners of vacation rentals will be charged a fee of $20 per permit, and replacement costs will be $20 per permit.

The permits for vacation rental are available ONLY at the Finance Office at Town Hall.

Questions?  Please contact the Bar Harbor Finance Office at 288-5096.

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