I woke up this morning on Tuesday, October 5th and looked at the thermostat in the house in the living room and it was 61 degrees. But, we haven't had the pellet stove or furnace on yet!

There have been a couple mornings that I have been tempted to light the pellet stove, I admit it. And I have had the car seat heaters on after football the last 2 Fridays, and boy did they feel good!

In looking back on Facebook memories it seems that the last couple of years, we have had the pellet stove lit in September, but, we have just started shutting the windows. We still have 2 air conditioning units in the windows, and those need to come out now, for sure.

When the kids were little, we always tried to go as long as possible without the heat on. The goal was always Veteran's Day in November, but I don't think we ever made that, or only once or twice. Then, the goal got moved to Halloween, but all we needed was that one big rain/wind storm, and we'd cave. Finally the goal was Indigenous People's Day/Columbus Day. I think we will make that this year!

There's no doubt the older we get, the spleenier we become! But, with a pellet stove, it doesn't seem as bad as flicking on the furnace. We all know that once you get used to the heat, you don't want it to go away, and will want it on every or most nights!

So... Have you turned on your heat? Lit your pellet stove? Turned your heat pump to heat? Take the poll and let us know!

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