Here is the work plan for the Bar Harbor Corridor, Route 3 for the Week Ending May 20th. As you drive through the detours, and one way loops please be mindful of the construction workers and flaggers. It's ok to smile and say thank you to the flaggers as you pass them, they're out there working in the rain and heat! Do not speed on the Crooked Road! There is a lot of wildlife, children and residents getting their mail (Only the residents are getting their mail, the wildlife and children aren't)! Pay attention! Don't Text and Drive!

The contractor will be working over in Somesville at the intersection of Routes 3/198/102 installing new curbing and grading new sidewalk areas.

The contractor will continue paving the Eagle Lake Road from Norway Road towards Route 198.

The contractor will be installing water line services at East Hillside Drive and possibly other locations. They will also be installing temporary water line services from Crooked Road headed North

The contractor will be working on placing drainage and excavating new ditch lines from Sand Point Road to Old Bar Harbor Road.

The utility companies will be working on setting new poles and line work at various locations from the Old Bar Harbor Road to Crooked Road and possibly other locations

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