This year, the Maine CDC is holding their 10th annual state wide poster contest in schools for students K-8 to educate our state's children about Lyme Disease and prevention.

The Maine CDC states "Children at this age have high rates of Lyme disease, which is why increasing their knowledge of prevention is important."

This year, the phrase to cause inspiration for the poster contest is “Tick Aware and Tick Alert”.  The intention of this phrase for the contest is to focus on awareness and prevention of tick bites.

The Maine CDC are looking for a few criteria for the posters:

Poster should illustrate at least one of the 4 approaches to personal prevention:

  • Use caution in tick-infested areas
  • Use an EPA approved repellent
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Perform daily tick checks both visibly and by touch

Deadlines for entries are Friday April 12, 2019.

Each winner will receive a one day family pass to a Maine State Park of their choice. In addition every member of the winner’s classroom will receive a personal Tick Removal Kit.

Here are some winners from last year's poster contest.

Grade 5 Winner: Mary Lovewell, Grade 5, Spruce Mountain Elementary:

K-1 Winner: Marilyn Norton, Grade 1, Stratton School:

Grade 7 Winner: Evie King, Grade 7, Harrison Middle School:

Grade 2-3 Winner: Madeline Bell, Grade 3, Spruce Mountain School:

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