While you're there trying to decide whether or not you really want sprinkles on your cone, we've got some big news to pass along.

Almost two weeks ago we asked both our online readers and on-air listeners where their favorite ice cream stand or shop is in eastern Maine, and man oh man did they respond. More so than any other food poll that we've ever done.

In the past, we've covered pizzaChinese foodsteakhousesItalian sandwiches, and breakfast, and never before have we've gotten the response that we just received with our ice cream poll.  Yes, over 5500 votes later we now have a winner.

What's unique about the outcome of this poll though is that it was highly evident that a couple of Downeast ice cream stands had rallied their troops, as the winner received 31% of the vote and the runner-up received 30%.  The ice cream stand that came in 3rd had only 8% of the vote.

So without further hesitation, here's the top ten best ice cream stands/shops in eastern Maine.

#10 - Morton's Moo, School Street in Ellsworth

#9 - Jimmie's Ice Cream and Grill, North Main Street in Brewer

#8 - Jordan's Snack Bar, Route 1 in Ellsworth

#7 - Fielders Choice Ice Cream, Odlin Road in Bangor

#6 - Sweet Retreat, Route 1 in Sullivan

#5 - Spencer's Ice Cream, Main Street in Bradley

#4 -  The Dairy Port, Main Street in Bucksport

#3 - Me & Ben's Dairy Crème, Route 186 in Winter Harbor

#2 - Pleasant River Drive-In, Harrington Road in Columbia Falls

#1 - Polar Treat, Route 1 in Perry

Now we highly advise packing up the family some Saturday before summer's end and taking a trip to the Polar Treat in Perry, which is about a 2-hour drive from Bangor.  Not only will you get some of the best ice cream in the state but you'll get to experience some of what Washington County has to offer, including the beautiful Eastport area.

By the way, some other ice cream stands of special merit according to our poll include Gifford's Ice Cream Stand on Broadway in Bangor, Blueberry Hill on Route 3 in Ellsworth, Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium on Main Street in Bar Harbor, and John's Ice Cream Factory on the Augusta Road in Liberty.

Eat up, everyone!

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