Sometimes you know you shouldn't read the comments, but in this case you definitely should!

Photo Jeff Forthofer
Photo Jeff Forthofer

Jeff Forthofer posted the picture above of a turtle in Bar Harbor, in the group Welcome to Bar Harbor's Famous Parking Show. To appreciate the comments, you need to know a couple of things

  • Bar Harbor doesn't allow RV parking on the town pier and the turtle lives in that shell
  • Bar Harbor has paid parking during the summer for most of the downtown area
  • Technically he is "standing" and not parked as he is still in the "vehicle".
  • Bar Harbor does have a "no idling" policy

On a serious note, be mindful of the turtles crossing the roads. Remember if you are going to help a turtle cross the road, take him/her to the direction they were headed. If you return them to the side they initially started from, chances are high they'll try to cross the road again.