There has been a lot of talk recently about parking enforcement in Bar Harbor on Halloween, October 31st, the last scheduled day that the parking meters and kiosks will be in use for the 2019 season.

I just finished a phone call with Town Manager Cornell Knight who told me that parking enforcement will continue through 8 PM on Halloween as in the Ordinance.

Ledgelawn Avenue will be blocked off to traffic as in past years. There are 2 lots for trick or treaters to park near the ballfield, and parking is available at Conners-Emerson School after school.

Bar Harbor residents with permits can park on any of the non-metered side streets with their permits. Non-residents coming in to Bar Harbor will need to feed the meters or risk a parking ticket. Residents who want to go downtown to watch the annual parade will have to either park on a side street with their permit or pay to park in a metered or kiosked area.

According to Stan Harmon, the Finance Director, the Town of Bar Harbor has collected 1.578 million dollars from meters and kiosks through Monday, October 14th. Additionally, the Town has collected approximately $25,000 from permits and $25,000 from parking tickets.

The Council has the ability to change the parking regulations for Halloween. However, they are not scheduled to meet again until after Halloween. A special council meeting could be called by the Chair,or by 3 councilors,  similar to what happened for the 4th of July, if there is public sentiment to allow for 'free' parking on Halloween and the majority of the council votes for it. Should you wish, an email to the entire council and Town manager will be generated by clicking HERE

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