The Ellsworth School Department has a great tradition. During graduation week, the soon-to-be graduates go back to their sending middle school and walk the halls in their cap and gowns, getting high 5's and applause from the younger grades, and their former teachers.

I've always been impressed with that! It's the closing of the circle, and encouragement for not only the soon-to-be graduates but for the younger children, in that hey.. This too will be you if you keep working hard! Plus it's a great chance to reconnect with former teachers!

On Monday, March 13th, Ellsworth High School sent the State Champion Cheering Team, State Champions Girl's Basketball Team and Individual State Swimming Champions through the Halls of Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School, along with their medals and trophies!

Many of these K-8 students idolize these High School athletes. It's amazing to have them come through. Talk about encouragement for the littles and affirmation for the bigs!

Well done! What a great thing to do on a Monday!

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