There has been some misunderstanding regarding the parking policy on July 4th, and the Bar Harbor Police Department reached out in an attempt to clarify the issue, and hopefully avoid residents and visitors receiving tickets on July 4th.

All metered and kiosk spots will require payment on July 4th. You are required to pay for parking between 9AM and 8 PM.

Parking on the side streets where permits are required will NOT be enforced on July 4th.

Parking in the Newport Drive Parking Lot (Between Agamont Park and the Bathrooms) will be allowed until 12 Noon. This is a parking lot with paid kiosk payments. There is NO PARKING in this lot after 12 Noon on July 4th. Cars that remain in that lot after 12 Noon risk being towed without warning. (Note there were many cars towed last year!)

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