Congratulations! You’re heading off, or getting your children ready to go to college! Let me be so bold as to offer you a little bit of advice!

Check in with your parents daily! You all have cellphones or computers and Facebook. Send a text, a message or call, and just let your parents know you’re alive. If not, this is the conversation that happens at home
Mom – Did you hear from ______ today?
Dad – No
Mom – Why not?
Dad – Because ____ didn’t call, text or message me!
Mom – Do you think that ____ is alive?

And this goes on constantly.. I can tell you from experience! So while you’re eating, pretending to study, sitting on the toilet, whatever, please send the proof of life message! You don’t have to have real in depth conversations, heck preprogram a text message, but send something daily!

After all, after 18 plus years of seeing your face daily, your Mom and Dad are going to miss you! Share a little of your day! They really do care and want you to succeed! And with the COVID-19 Pandemic, there's even more reason for Mom and Dad to worry!

Plus... You don't want your mom to record a message like this do you?

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