I'm in mourning.

One of TV's greatest Dads is gone.

I think young people in this country are in desperate need of some decent male role models who pass on the value of love, loyalty, family unity, and hard work.

The kind of values that John Walton passed on to his children.

Generations grew up hearing "Good night John-Boy, goodnight Mary Ellen, good night Jim Bob."

Actor Ralph Waite, who played the fatherly role of John Walton in the TV series The Waltons, said his last goodnight and passed away at the age of 85.

I loved this show for its quality values taught in each episode, and I'm quite certain it contributed to my love of radio news.

The episodes where the family would all gather around the radio in the living room after a family dinner were my favorite.

Rest in peace Mr. Waite and thanks for so many, quality, life lessons.