There is something special occurring on every day of the year. For example October 2nd is Guardian Angel Day, National Custodial Worker Day, National Fried Scallops Day and National Name Your Car Day!

Guardian Angel Day - I believe in Guardian Angels. Just a little while I was running up the street with Elmer and started to fall forward. As I started to fall, everything slowed down and I had a brief out of body experience looking back at myself. I saw my face and was thinking I was going to be really hurt and was going to break a bone at the very least. But as time almost stopped, I regained my footing and didn't fall. I felt like my Guardian Angel was there and pushed me back upright!

National Custodian Worker Day - If you are in school, you know what the custodians deal with. The school could be a wreck at the end of the day, and it "magically" is clean and in good shape when you return the next day! The magic is all thanks to the custodians! The custodians are the silent heroes

National Fried Scallops Day - Enough said! I love scallops! Fried scallops, crisply cooked french fries and freshly made cole slaw...My mouth is watering right now! Is it lunchtime?

National Name Your Car Day - Admit it! You probably have named your car! I used to love the show Knight Rider. I would love to have Kitt as my car!

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