These are interesting times for sure, and something your children will be telling their children in years to come. Now's the perfect time to create a time capsule with your kids!

I saw this idea online, and it sounds like a fun task, and one that will keep them involved for a bit. You can tuck the time capsule in the attic or basement or even bury it in the backyard or up at camp.

Here are some suggestions what to inlude

  1. Write a letter to themselves. Include their ages, who their friends are, their favorite TV shows, songs, books etc. Write about what's going in. Tell their future self how they feel right now. Talk about what they would like to be when they grow up and 5 things they want to do when they are an adult.
  2. Get a copy of the newspaper and cut out articles that they think their future self would think important, or print them out online
  3. Draw a picture of their family as it is now
  4. Take some pictures of today
  5. Put it all together in a scrapbook


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