On Sunday March 29th, Ellsworth Superintendent Dan Higgins sent a letter to parents of Ellsworth students, detailing the program that will begin on Wednesday, April 1st, to provide a combined breakfast and lunch meal to all ESD students ages 4-18, at no cost to families.

In the letter, he also talked about the continued acceptance of donations of shelf-stable foods that do not need to be refrigerated and are easy to prepare,

To read the full letter click HERE

Details about the Food Program :

The program is offered through the MDOE School Lunch Summer Program, a summer component of the regular school lunch program. Beginning Wednesday April 1, meals will be available for pick-up each weekday between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon in the front parking lot of Reny’s Department Store on High Street. So we are able to have an accurate headcount, families of ESD students interested in participating are asked to call the Ellsworth High School kitchen office at 667-4722, Extension 5525 by 8:30 a.m. each day you are planning to pick up a meal. Please provide the name and grade level of children who will be obtaining meals. A requirement of the program is that students must be with you to pick up meals. If you are unable to bring your child, please be prepared to provide their name and grade level to staff.

Please enter the Reny’s location via the High Street entrance between Wicked Eats and the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce building and follow the directions provided by staff. Meals will be picked up adjacent to the ESD School Bus. In compliance with appropriate social and physical distancing practices, we also ask that while in line, you remain in your vehicle until the party ahead of you has returned to their vehicle and departed. To ensure safety please depart the Reny’s parking lot onto High Street using
the entrance/exit with traffic lights. Please also be alert and drive safely and slowly.

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