Dr. Marc Gousse, the AOS 91 Superintendent of Schools sent out the following update to parents and students on Thursday November 12th.

Dear Parents/Families and Staff,

I am writing to inform you at this time there is no immediate plan to shift to remote learning however, it is important to acknowledge all MDIRSS schools have been actively preparing for this possibility and that plans are in place for smooth transitions to remote learning in any MDIRSS AOS # 91 school as may be necessary.

Despite any speculation, information on social media or what may, or may not, be happening in other school districts, it is important everyone acquire information from accurate sources. The only credible information anyone should consider regarding plans, schedules, announcements or related information specific to MDIRSS district schools will come from only one of two sources: 1. Superintendent of Schools and/or 2. Building Principals. Any other source of information other than directly from school administration may be conjecture, unreliable, inaccurate or false.

In preparing for the possibility of a shift to full remote learning please know we will continue to do everything possible to keep our schools open for in person teaching and learning. If we are to continue to operate safely our schools and staff need your help - please remember, what you do, or do not do, matters. By following CDC guidelines, limiting unnecessary travel and associated risks we can all be a part of the commitment to work to keep our schools open, healthy and safe.

Understanding any possible shift to remote learning may create challenges for some families, we will continue to evaluate all aspects of mitigating risk, while considering how we may continue to deliver instruction in as safe and healthy a manner as possible. If necessary, moving to remote instruction may not guarantee we limit a spike in positive cases; however, we must continue to consider the best interest of our students, staff and communities as a whole.  A shift to remote learning may at some point become necessary in reducing exposure and potentially allow our schools to remain open for in-person instruction in the long term.

Please continue to monitor communications from my office as well as from your building principal. Please feel free to contact me and/or your building principal with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued support of our schools.

Stay Well,

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