If you are interested in serving as an elected member of the Bar Harbor Town Council, Superintending School Committee, MDI Regional School District Trustee, or on the Warrant Committee now is your chance. Nomination papers are available beginning Monday, March 7th.

You will need to collect a minimum of 25 signatures of Bar Harbor registered voters, on nomination papers available with the Town Clerk. Completed nomination papers need to be turned in no later than Friday, April 15, 2022 at 5:00 pm. It's advisable to turn them in prior to that date to make sure all the signatures are valid, and give you the opportunity to obtain more if necessary.

Call the Town Clerk's office at 207-288-4098 for more information.

Seats available include

  • Bar Harbor Town Council    Two seats – Three-year term - Councilors with terms expiring include Jeff Dobbs and Matthew Hochman
  • Superintending School Committee   Two seats  – Three-year term - Members with terms expiring include Alexandra "Lilea" Simis and Patrick Skeate
  • MDI Regional School District Trustee*   One seat   – Three-year term - Member with term expiring is Robert Webber
  • Warrant Committee    Five seats – Three-year term - Members with terms expiring include Julie Berberian, Louise Lopez, Robert Chaplin, Cara Ryan and Jeff Young

Everyone whose terms are expiring are eligible to run again should they so choose.

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