Wednesday, March 22nd was a great day to be a MDI Trojan. The whole school gathered in Bernard Parady Gymnasium at 1 p.m. for the basketball game between the MDI Unified Basketball Team and the High School Faculty and Staff Team

After the Faculty and Staff Team was introduced, the Unified Basketball Team came out to "Jesus Christ Superstar" played by the MDI Pep Band! They were then introduced.

Thanks to the many staff and faculty who were cheerleading on the sidelines!

As is the case in any Unified Game, there was a huge dance party at halftime. The entire school danced to "Cotton-Eyed Joe", "The Caspar Slide" and "YMCA"

The Unified Team beat the Staff and Faculty Team, but as in all Unified games, there really wasn't a winner and loser.

Faculty and Staff Team

  • Eric Ankrom
  • Corinne Baita
  • Officer Tim Bland
  • Lyn Gatz
  • Renee Laber
  • Becky Leamon
  • Annie Leonardi
  • Michelle Merica
  • Laura Sullivan
  • Max Mason

Unified Team Members

  • Quinn Ratcliff #5
  • Alicia Thurston #10
  • Sharyn Lipski #12
  • Spencer Rose #14
  • Megan Huff #20
  • Nick Kadin #22
  • Taber Allen #24
  • Ryan Mitchell #34
  • Eliza Sprague #40
  • Westy Granholm #42
  • Lucian Avila-Gatz #44
  • Alyah Stevens #50

Unified Student Coaches

  • Kylie Dowsland
  • Ryan Mitchell
  • Joey Wellman-Clouse


  • Matt Umphrey
  • Devin Young
  • Cameron Swan


  • Cal Hodgkins
  • Alex Gray
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Thanks to Walter Churchill who was there and captured the fun and huge demonstration of school spirit!

MDI Unified Basketball vs. Staff

The MDI Unified Basketball Team took on the Staff in front of the school on Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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