The MDI Tennis Teams played host to Hermon on Thursday, May 16th. The Hermon Boys swept MDI 5-0 while the MDI Girls were nipped by the Hawks 3-2. Here are the individual results.

Girls Results

  • Regitze Jacobsen (MDI) defeated Olivia Tardy (Hermon) 8-0
  • Paige Plissey (Hermon) defeated Katherine Hoff (MDI) 8-0
  • Jillian Taylor (Hermon) defeated Austria Morehouse (MDI) 8-5
  • Leila Weir/Olivia Chandler (MDI) defeated Allison Treat/Kelsey Bridges (Hermon) 8-4
  • Emily Willey/Jillian Shorey (Hermon) defeated Addy Smith/Heather Finger (MDI) 8-4

Boys Results

  • Nathaniel Fettig (Hermon) defeated Nick Harding (MDI) 8-6
  • Wyatt Butler (Hermon) defeated Reider Watson (MDI) 8-0
  • Isaac Parent (Hermon) defeated Luiz Estacio (MDI) 8-1
  • Ethan Rudnicki/Ryan Mailloux (Hermon) defeated Trevor Morrison/Fernando Avalos (8-4)
  • Jacob Lana/Dawson Emerson (Hermon) defeated Whit Chaplin/Marshall Reiff (MDI) 8-1

The MDI Tennis Teams are back in action on Tuesday, May 21st when they travel to Washington Academy in East Machias.

Thanks to Coach Hunt for the information