The MDI Girl's and Boy's tennis Teams defeated Hermon 5-0 in Hermon on another cool rainy day, on Tuesday, May 9th. Here are the results...

Girl's Tennis
1st Singles MDI Ellie Bridgers d Hermon Alex Allain 8-5
2nd Singles MDI Delaney Smith d Hermon Maddie Willis 8-0
3rd Singles MDI India Janes d Hermon Jillian Taylor 8-4
1st Doubles MDI Rachel Jacobs/Emily Banks d Hermon Maddie Pullen/Paige Plissey 8-5
2nd Doubles MDI Rachelle Swanson/Maggie Collins d Hermon Olivia Tardie maddie Willey 8-5

Boy's Tennis
1st Singles MDI Drake Janes d Hermon Matt Sforza 8-6
2nd Singles MDI Jimmy Carroll d Hermon John Snyer 8-2
3rd Singles MDI Teddy Geary d Hermon Nate Fettig 8-1
1st Doubles MDI September Murray/Gabe Michael d Hermon Jacob Lang/Josh Berry 8-3
2nd Doubles MDI Lanvin Estacio/Jasper McLaughlin d Hermon Wyatt Butler/Isaac Parent 8-1

The MDI Girl's Team is now 5-2 while the Hermon Girl's Team is 3-2. The MDI Boy's Team is 4-3 while the Hermon Boy's Team is 0-5

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