The MDI Boys and Girls Tennis Teams defeated Foxcroft Academy by the identical scores of 3-2 on Wednesday, May 1st. Here are the individual match results


  • Jerry Zhou (FA) defeated Nick Harding (MDI) 8-1
  • Reider Watson (MDI) defeated Nick Harding (FA) 8-5
  • Kearson Sutton (FA) defeated Luiz Estacio (MDI) 8-3
  • Fernado Avalos/Trevor Morrison (MDI) defeated Louis Heck/Nathaniel Skomar (FA) 9-8
  • Whit Chaplin/Marshall Reiff (MDI) defeated Charles Fu/Peter Zhang 8-5


  • Regitze Jacobsen (MDI) defeated Miriam Nelson (FA) 8-0
  • Katherine Hoff (MDI) defeated Cheyann Skomars (FA) 8-6
  • Maren O'Connell (FA) defeated Austria Morehouse (MDI) 8-0
  • Ainsley Ade/Aleshia Raymond (FA) defeated Addy Smith/Leila Weir 9-8 (8-6)
  • Olivia Chandler/Avonlea Brown (MDI) defeated Randi Poulin/Emily Harmon-Weeks (FA) 9-7

The Trojans are back in action on Thursday, May 2nd when they host John Bapst.




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