The MDI Tennis Teams traveled to Old Town on Monday, May 14th with mixed results, the Girls Team sweeping the Coyotes 5-0 while the Boys Team fell, 4-1. Here are the individual results.


  • Caleb Braley (Old Town) defeated Nick Harding (MDI) 8-1
  • Reider Watson (MDI) defeated Jacob Cyr (Old Town) 8-5
  • Brady Georgia (Old Town) defeated Luiz Estacio (MDI) 8-3
  • Jay Theriault/Justin Bishop (Old Town) defeated Marshall Reiff/Fernando Avalos (MDI) 8-2
  • Garrett Engstron/Matt Preble (Old Town) defeated Jack Hodgdon/Whit Chaplin (MDI) 8-5


  • Regitze Jacobsen (MDI) defeated Taylor Sullivan (Old Town) 8-0
  • Katherine Hoff (MDI) defeated Hailey Hodson (Old Town) 8-6
  • Austria Morehouse (MDI) defeated Sydney Loring (Old Town) 8-5
  • Leila Weir/Olivia Chandler (MDI) defeated Brook Sossong/Lily Shaw-Davis (Old Town) 8-0
  • Addy Smith/Avonlea Brown(MDI) defeated Natalie Storman/Maddie Huffstuttler (Old Town) 9-8 (9-7)

The MDI Tennis Teams are back in action on Thursday, May 16th when they will host Hermon in Bar Harbor.

Thanks to Coach Tyler Hunt for the results