Congratulations to Ellen DaCorte, RN, Katie Ray, RN, Neely Adams, RN, and Holly Doyle, RN! As the four recipients of the Ursula E.J. Lee & Dr. Leung Lee Memorial Award for Nursing Excellence, these 4 registered nurses have gone above and beyond the call of duty at MDI Hospital and Health Centers.

Photo Courtesy MDI Hospital
Photo Courtesy MDI Hospital

Established in 2019 by Dr. Leung Lee in memory of his wife, the Ursula E.J. Lee and  Dr. Leung Lee Award for Nursing Excellence honors the compassionate, loving care Ursula received from her nurses at MDI Hospital. The award is given to 4 nurses each year who demonstrate clinical excellence and a commitment to compassionate care in their nursing practice.

  • Neely Adams is a nurse at the Trenton Health Center and has been recognized as a super-user of the patient information system Cerner, as well as an advocate for the staff at the health center, and for the patients who she serves. She takes time out of her day to help others utilize robust systems and improve information access. She is not only a leader in technological efforts, she is a kind and compassionate caregiver to all her patients.
  • Holly Doyle joined the Behavioral Health Center as a nurse just a year ago. In that short span of time she has become an indispensable part of the team. She takes the extra time to listen to her patients and their concerns and is proactive in providing resources and choices to patients. Holly has been recognized as someone who provides individualized care, never gets frustrated, and is always respectful, compassionate, caring, and professional.
  • Katie Ray, who works in the Emergency Department, has been recognized because she is known to go above and beyond, not just with her patients, but their families. She walks patients and loved ones to their cars in the rain and snow, she takes time out of her busy shift to stop what she is doing and sit with families, and never makes them feel rushed or unimportant. She shows immense compassion with everyone, no matter the circumstance and that is what makes her stand out.
  • Ellen Dacorte, the senior charge nurse in OB, has worked at MDI Hospital for 30 years. She leads her team and participates in interdisciplinary collaboration to improve outcomes of all patients in OB and throughout the hospital. She is an advocate for patients and their families, continued education across the hospital, and this community. She is an admired leader in her department and a kind and compassionate caregiver.
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