It's a tradition! A tradition steeped in science and it works based upon their past results! On Friday afternoon the MDI Trojans Cross Country Teams took their annual Dip in the Ocean, prior to the State Cross Country Meet.

The Meet will be held on Saturday, November 4th in Belfast. Friday, the Trojans went for a light run, and then went into the Atlantic Ocean for 12 minutes up to their waists, to rid their bodies of any lactic acid. Some went under water, maybe in case they had some lactic acid built up in their brains? Who can tell?!

But you can't argue with this tradition, with the result the Trojans have in the States!  The air temperature was in the low 50's. The water temp - too freaking cold for me! Check out the photos and the video, and at the end, they all went under!

Thanks to the Bar Harbor Inn who hosted the Team for hot chocolate when they were done!

Good luck tomorrow! Run like someone's chasing you!

MDI Cross Country Pre-State Dip in the Atlantic Ocean

The MDI Girls and Boys Cross Country Teams took part in their Annual Pre-States Dip for 12 minutes in the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, November 3rd

Gallery Credit: Chris Popper

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