The MDI Girl's and Boy's Tennis Teams traveled to Ellsworth on Friday, May 10th to play the Ellsworth Eagles. Here are the results.


  • 1st Singles - Megan Jordan (EHS) defeated  Julia Ramos 8-0
  • 2nd Singles - Miah Coffin (EHS) defeated Mai Ishimura 8-2
  • 3rd Singles - Elle Yarborough (MDI) defeated Whitney Clarke 8-3
  • 1st Doubles - Brynn Stephensen/Shea Carter (EHS) defeated Maria Percontin/Lily Allen 9-7
  • 2nd Doubles - Bo Barrett/Hannah Frost/Anouk MacDonald/Luna Wilhelm 8-5


  • 1st Singles - Owen Kelly (MDI) defeated Grayson Mote 8-1
  • 2nd Singles - Jameson Weir (MDI) defeated Pablo Little-Siebold 8-1
  • 3rd Singles - Bowdoin Alley (MDI) won by forfeit
  • 1st Doubles - Caden Braun/Riley Donahue (MDI) defeated  Sam Kaplan/Kobe Swett 8-0
  • 2nd Doubles - Kaden Sweet/Eli Hansbury (MDI) defeated Noah Frost/Hector Orozco-Delgado 8-0

Thanks to Molly Webster, Amy Dalrymple and Matthew Downs for the scores

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