Today, May 4th is Star Wars Day, (You know.. May the 4th Be With You) but more importantly it's International Firefighter's Day! Firefighters’ Day celebrates the dedication, heroism and importance of firefighters from all over the world. Many firefighters are volunteers, especially in Maine.

One of my earliest memories was visiting my grandparents in Framingham, Massachusetts. Their property abutted the fire station, and whenever we went to see my grandparents, we would always run over and see the firemen. They would take us into the station, put their heavy helmets on us and lets us climb onto and into the fire trucks. They would lift us up over their heads, and then let us slide down the fire poles. Pretty powerful stuff when you are 5 years old!

I served on the volunteer fire department in Block Island before moving to Maine. I remember helping to put out a huge fire at Ballard's Restaurant. After holding a charged hose for a couple of hours, we tried to play softball that night. Tried was the key word, as many of us weren't able to lift our arms above our heads we were so exhausted!

Firefighters today undergo hours and hours of training. They drop everything at a moment's notice leaving families, food and special occasions, to protect lives and property, risking their own lives. If you see a firefighter today, be sure to thank them for all they do!

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