The Trojan's Defense came up big against Gray-New Gloucester on Friday night, September 8th.

I realize that we don't give the Defense enough credit and announce tackles etc. Unfortunately there's just me in the booth during the games, and it's all I can do to keep track of the play by play and the offense's stats.

Thanks to Coach Shields and his statistician Jack here are the MDI Defense's stats

  • Nate Olson-6 Solo 6 Assist
  • Jacob Shields-8 Solo 1 Assist
  • Tyler Lunt-7 Solo 1 Assist
  • Hodari Foster-4 Solo 4 Assist (1 Sack)
  • Aiden Jeffers-5 Solo 1 Assist
  • Spencer Laurendeau-2 Solo (1 Fumble rec & 2 INTs)
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MDI vs. Gray-New Gloucester

The MDI Trojans hosted the Gray-New Gloucester Patriots in Week 2 on Friday, September 8th

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