The MDI Boys Basketball Team beat Houlton 71-58 in Bar Harbor on Wednesday afternoon, December 27th.

The Shiretowners took a 11-6 lead in the 1st Quarter, but in the 2nd Quarter MDI outscored Houlton 24-11 to take a 30-22 lead at the end of the 1st Half. In the 3rd Quarter MDI extended their lead, outscoring Houlton 27-20, to take a 57-42 lead.

MDI was led by Jameson Weir with 26 points. Cal Hodgdon had 17 points and James Witham had 14 points. The Trojans had 5 3-pointers on the afternoon. With had 2 3's, Hodgdon, Jacob Shields and Jarron Biekert each had a 3-pointer. MDI was 8-11 from fhe free throw line.

Houlton was led by Thadon Gentle and Bronson Hanning with 14 points each. The Shiretowners had 8 3-pointers on the afternoon. Gentle had 3 3-pointers, while Brandon Barton and Hanning each had 2 3-pointers. Shayne Grass had another 3-pointer. Houlton was 10-16 from the free throw line.

Houlton is 2-5 and will play host to Bucksport on Saturday afternoon, December 30th.

MDI is now 4-3 and will host Bucksport on Thursday, January 4th at 7 p.m.

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Box Score


Isaiah Ervin92-510
Mark Thibodesu0----
Brandon Barton812--
Adrian Norton0----
Shayne Grass3-1--
Owen Beaulieu0----
Jaden Wu0----
Aeden Valles0----
Michael Conley63---
Thadon Gentle142312
Bronson Hanning143222
Zach Ervin41-22


Spencer Laurendau21---
James Witham142244
Dylan Stoll0----
Cal Hodgdon176124
Jay Haney0----
Joey Wellman-Clouse42---
Lincoln Gray0----
Jacob Shields511--
Alex Yeadon0----
Jarron Biekert3-1--
Jameson Weir2612-23
Shane Lumbatis0----



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