The MDI Boys and Girls Tennis Teams defeated Washington Academy on Monday, May 3rd on Senior Recognition Day. The Boys won 5-0 while the Girls won 4-1.

Seniors recognized were Austria Morehouse, Avonlea Brown, Kaitlyn Tompkins, Jane Pope, Julia Perconti, Eliza Ramos, Stella Walke, Olivia Chandler, Marshall Reiff, Finn Seyffer, TJ Willis, and Jacob Green.

Girls Results

  • 1st Singles - Lelia Weir lost 6-8
  • 2nd Singles - Taber Allen won 8-1
  • 3rd Singles - Austria Morehouse won 8-2
  • 1st Doubles - Avonlea Brown/Kaitlyn Tompkins won 8-6
  • 2nd Doubles - Jane Pope/Julia Perconti won 8-0

Boys Results

  • 1st Singles - Westy Granholm won 8-1
  • 2nd Singles - Finn Seyffer won 8-3
  • 3rd Singles - Jack Hodgdon won 8-2
  • 1st Doubles - Jameson Weir/Whit Chaplin won 8-6
  • 2nd Doubles - Marshall Reiff/Moses Lincoln won 8-2

Exhibition Match

  • Eliza Ramos/Stella Wake lost 1-8

The Tennis Teams are back in action on Thursday, May 6th with the Boys hosting Bangor at 5:15 and the Girls at Bangor at 4 p.m.

Thanks to Lelia Weir for the results.


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