Maureen Hancock

Maureen Hancock is a renowned spirit medium, intuitive, lecturer holistic healer and author of the best selling book "The Medium Next Door". She is returning to Bangor, on Friday, May 2nd and will be appearing at the Cross Insurance Center.

She conducted a reading with Wendy Littlefield via the telephone, and Wendy graciously let us tape it. Maureen Hancock received no preparation and background information. I introduced the two of them on the phone, and what you hear is how the call played out.

I will tell you I had goosebumps and tears as I listened to the call! If you believe in the hereafter, I would strongly suggest you purchase your tickets to this event!

Here's what Wendy had to say about her experience:

My name is Wendy Littlefield and I have had the wonderful opportunity to attend Maureen Hancock's "Postcards From Heaven" Tour. During that event, I was able to connect with my daughter, Asheigh, who passed away nearly 4 years ago. I also recently was able to have a personal phone conversation with her when I was connected with Ashleigh via Maureen. Both of my experiences with Maureen were a little unbelievable but for me they were amazing. I have also read her book 'The Medium Next Door' and listened to her CD 'Grief Relief'!

Being a grieving parent has been a tough journey for me - It has taken me a long time to get to where I am today.

Lots of support groups, family support, counseling, good friends and self growth. Ashleigh was just shy of her 19th birthday when we died very suddenly from an medical issue we didn't know about.

I attended the "Postcards from Heaven" show just hoping to see what this would be all about - My daughter believed wholeheartedly in the afterlife when she was here so I did have a quiet hope that she would come through. I was near the back of a packed room and listened with tears and smiles through her whole show - I loved being reassured each time she connected with a loved one that there was 'a better place'.

One thing that stuck in my mind from that first show was her saying over and over again - 'they are not dead, they are just different', that quote replays in my mind each day.

When Asheligh came through that night, I was amazed and shocked and as Maureen shared with me things that only Ashleigh would say to me. I left that event with such belief that I had just heard from my girl. Over the next several weeks, I replayed that conversation in my mind (as much as I could remember) and smiled more than I had in years.

I also read her book - which reminded me and taught me so much about slowing down and seeing the sign. I shared this with my kids and husband so we could all just try to take the time to feel Ashleigh trying to connect with us.

Now - realize that 5 years ago I would have probably gone to an event like this and come up with all the reasons how she would know that and shake my head in disbelief but, when you have a loss like I have, you learn to take these small things that make you smile.

If I can smile each day just once about a memory of Ashleigh or a reason why I now feel like she connects with me (finding a dime with the year of her birth on it to the unexplained blinking light), then today will be a good day. My recent phone conversation was a very cool experience too.

I was a little worried that Ashleigh might not come through the phone but, not only did she come through, the thing that amazed me most was that her personality came through! Maureen was able to tell me things that HAD to come from Ashleigh! I was able to giggle as I could visualize Ashleigh bothering Maureen. I felt a little less overwhelmed and more able to concentrate and listen as Maureen told me again of things that only Ashleigh would now.

I can't wait to attend the next "Postcards From Heaven" Show in May and will take my Husband and children to this event. If they only see her and listen to her connect with others and also share her stories then it will be a complete night. I encourage all to open their hearts and attend the "Postcards from Heaven" Event - you never know who might check in and make you smile!!

Tickets to Maureen Hancock at the Cross Insurance Center on Friday May 2nd are $30.00.