There will be a march and rally in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement Sunday afternoon June 7th at 5 p.m. on the Village Green in Bar Harbor.

Organizers are asking everyone to wear black, bring signs, flowers and letters for the shrine and wear masks. There will be extra masks on hand for those who need them and if you have extra masks you are asked to bring them for those who might need them.

There were concerns expressed because this march and rally is at the same time as the MDI High School graduation, and one of the organizers addressed it with a Facebook post

There have been some concerns raised that the rally in solidarity with the BLM movement (Sunday 6/7 @ 5 pm) is a scheduling conflict with the MDIHS graduation. We appreciate your concern and would like to clarify a few things. The rescheduling of the rally was not intentionally made to compete with the High School’s graduation. If you or a family member is graduating, we encourage you to attend the graduation ceremony. We do recognize that this is a moral dilemma for many, but we don’t want to set the precedent of moving events for maximum attendance. This movement will not end with one gathering; it is an ongoing struggle. This will be one of many events in solidarity with the BLM movement in Bar Harbor. We encourage you to show your support by attending future events if you are unable to attend this one.

For further information on this rally and other future rallies in Bar Harbor check out the Facebook Group MDI March and Rally In solidarity with Black Lives Matter

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