If you are in Downtown Bar Harbor be prepared to be without water beginning on Wednesday Night July 6th through part of the day on Thursday July 7th.

The Bar Harbor Water Department has to fix a major water main that is leaking. They are postponing the repairs until Wednesday night so as not to interfere with the 4th of July business for restaurants and hotels.

The area affected includes part of West Street and lower Main Street.

The Bar Harbor Inn has already announced that they will not be serving breakfast in the Reading Room Restaurant on Thursday, July 7th.

If you are planning on eating in downtown Bar Harbor in the West Street, Lower Main Street area on Wednesday night or Thursday morning it is a good idea to call ahead and make sure they are serving.

If you live in the affected area it would be a good idea to fill your bathtub with water on Wednesday afternoon so you can flush your toilets. You might want to also fill a couple of extra 5 gallon pails, so you have extra water on hand. Get any laundry done that needs to be done by Wednesday afternoon as well.

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