One of the best thing about Maine is that Mainers help Mainers and those they love! Students at Mount Desert Elementary School learned this thanks to their teachers this year, and young patients at Mount Desert Island Hospital were the beneficiaries!

According to a MDI Hospital press release teams of 4 3rd graders worked together to earn points by working hard, following directions and completing assignments. The project designed to foster community awareness was led by Kelly Beaulieu, the teacher and ed-techs Betsy Minott and Nicole Parady.

At the end of the year, points were awarded and the student groups chose their own charity or organization to help.

The 3rd Graders who chose MDI Hospital donated homemade cards, lollipops, books and other times to help comfort young patients who visit the ER.

Other student groups helped the Hancock County SPCA, the Bar Harbor Food Pantry and Sonogee Rehabilitation and Living Center.