Maine residents have voted Janet Mills to another term as Governor.

Who Won the Governor's Race?

It was an unusual campaign, with the current Governor of Maine seeking re-election against a candidate who had already served two terms in that office, from 2011 to 2019. The two were challenged by Independent candidate, Dr. Sam Hunkler, who is a semi-retired physician from Downeast Maine. A large number of voters turned out to fill out their ballots, and in the end, Governor Janet Mills was declared the winner. The Associated Press made the announcement just before 1 am, but former Governor Paul LePage had not yet conceded, at last report.

Results reported by the BDN:

Janet Mills               313236 votes    55.02%

Paul LePage            244576 votes    42.96%

Sam Hunkler             11514 votes        2.02%

with 82.70% of precincts reporting

Maine's 2nd Congressional District?

Another familiar race saw Bruce Poliquin facing off against two-term Congressman Jared Golden. Poliquin held the seat in the 2nd District from 2014 to 2018, before being defeated by Golden. Also in this race was Independent candidate Tiffany Bond. At this point, Jared Golden is the projected winner, but a ranked choice tabulation is likely in this race.

Jared Golden                      129089      48.68%

Bruce Poliquin                     117900      44.46%

Tiffany Bond                         18213        6.87%

with 80.67% of precincts reporting

What About the 1st Congressional District?

In Maine's 1st Congressional District, Edwin Thelander took on incumbent Chellie Pingree. Residents voted to re-elect Pingree to the post.

Chellie Pingree:                     178186        62.62%

Edwin Thelander:                   106353        37.38%

with 85.22% of precincts reporting

Many agencies worked to make election day an easy and pleasant experience. The Community Connector Bus in Bangor offered free rides to the polls. And, in Orrington, Cub Scouts sold easy-to-heat meals for people who wanted to make election day just a little less stressful.

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