Maine... She is changing! There was a time when I never would lock my house, but now even with Great Danes who will bark whenever someone walks in front of the house we lock our doors at night and when we leave. Cars that we never locked are locked all the time. Now it seems people are breaking into self-serve wood boxes on the Island!

Photo Erica Merchant
Photo Erica Merchant

Bo Merchant's wood box was broken into the other day. But the amazing thing was the sign that was posted on the shed in Hall Quarry.

"To whomever is in such dire need they felt they needed to hack open this money box and steal over $1000 (he was saving) from this fixed income, retired kind man who has lived here and worked all of his life BTW - his name is Bo Merchant. He forgives you because that is who he is. He would have given it to you if you were in need, because that too is who he is. If you need help...drop a note in the box. He will try and help. If you are just a thief and don't care - It's never too late to change."

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