The Maine Principal Association's management committee unanimously approved fall sports with recommendations of the sports medicine committee.

The Maine School Board Association submitted a letter opposing the beginning of the Fall Sports without 14-feet distance and the Maine School Superintendent's Association had concerns.

The Management Committee was in executive session for about one hour and 20 minutes before voting on the motion.

The MPA is now seeking guidance from other state agencies, including the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. At its Thursday news conference, Maine Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew said state health experts were examining the proposal. She addresses the issue at the 36:54 mark of the video below.

Looking at the individual sports and recommendations forwarded by the MPA.


This sport has been following the Maine State Golf Federation guidelines all summer and is deemed a Low Risk sport.


This sport is deemed Low Risk. Athletes should wear masks when not competing including at the starting line and in the finish chutes. Runners should not collapse at the Finish Line but go to the team tents.


This is a Moderate Risk sport because of the games being played indoors. The MPA is recommending that masks be worn while playing and that teams will not change sides.


This is a Moderate Risk sport by the National High School Federation but High Risk by Maine. Recommendations are that there be no more than 5 offensive and defensive players plus the goalie in the box for corner kicks or throw ins that would go into the box. There will be an official time out at 20 minutes for hydration and sanitizing of hands. No slide tackling if someone is within 6 feet. Mouth-guards are to be kept in the mouths.


This is a High Risk Sport by the National High School Federation and Maine. It was noted that 7 states have played their 1st game already with over 1000 games played and no outbreaks. The sidelines will be extended to the 10 yard markers. More time during timeouts so everyone can get their own water bottles. Mouthguards are to be kept in the mouths. Balls will be sanitized when not in play.

All coaches are to take the COVID course from the National Federation of High Schools. Officials are strongly encouraged to take the course.

Schools will be limited to the 100 person mass outdoor gathering limits which include the athletes in the count.

Every school will have to have emergency action plans for every sport.

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