These two long-lost Trenton landmarks created a bunch of memories for those who grew up in and visited the Downeast area back in the '70s and '80s.  They once ruled the Bar Harbor Road.

The Trenton Drive-In was at 634 Bar Harbor Road/Route 3 on Drive-In Lane, on the left on the way to Mount Desert Island. It was located by the intersection of Route 3 and Gateway Center Drive, and sat out behind by what is now a farmer's market.  It was once called the Auto-View Drive In Theatre

People would shove their friends into the trunk of the car to get in free, and see movies like Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever. This old fashioned drive-in complete with a snack bar and scratchy metal speakers that attached to your windows was opened in the early '60s, and then fell into hard times by the early '80s. Seems that everyone remembers the unfortunate end of this drive-in by 1984, after a two-and-a-half-year run of the X-rated classic, Deep Throat.

Kartland was a traditional stand-alone go-cart track that opened in the early 70s. It was located at 863 Bar Harbor Road/Route 3, at the beginning of the airport's runway on the left on the way to MDI.

A group of kids or couple out on a date would rent the go-carts by a block of minutes and then have the time of their lives laughing and driving around the paved and winding track. Kartland closed back in the early '90s and the area where it was is now completely overgrown (pictured above), although the pavement and a few of the miniature streetlights still remain, if you look real hard.

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