Everyone who was planning on starting the new school year at the brand new Charles M. Sumner Learning Campus received a blow the other day, when it was announced that the school will not be ready for occupancy in September.

The long and short of the delay, is that the current sprinkler system will not adequately provide enough water flow in the event of a catastrophic fire. While there may be temporary solutions, a permanent solution will take months, given the supply chain issues.

This is compounded by the fact that everyone had packed up everything in preparation for the move to the new school and that custodial staff hadn't cleaned the old school like they normally would, in preparation for the new school year, given the planned move.

Superintendent Eastman and his leadership team are now coming up with alternate plans that will minimize the inconvenience and allow school to start on time (September 6th) and more importantly not rely on remote learning.

You can read Superintendent Easton's letter below. Anyone with concerns or questions are encouraged to email him directly

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