The Sundays at the Jesup Winter Concert Series with the Swallowtail Fiddlers and the Show Stoppers! scheduled for Sunday, March 19 has been canceled, as many of the student performers are sick with flu-like symptoms including fever. After consultation with music director Rebecca Edmondson, the Jesup decided the best course of action was to cancel the show; as they believed this was in the best interests of the performers and the audience.

Ms. Edmondson,, Swallowtail Fiddlers, the Show Stoppers! and the Jesup all regret having to cancel.

For those who would still like to see the Show Stoppers! perform this month, they are scheduled to perform on Thursday, March 30 at 6 PM. at the MDI High School, as part of an islandwide show choir showcase the day before state competition.

The Jesup hopes to include the Swallowtail Fiddlers and the Show Stoppers! as part of next year's Winter Concert Series.

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