I'm not sure where the year has gone, but 2022 is here and we've said good-bye to 2021. I hope the new year is a great one for you and your family, and that everyone stays safe and healthy!

Here are the sunrise and sunset times of Bar Harbor in January 2022. We go from 8 hours and 58 minutes of sunlight on January 1st to 9 hours and 58 minutes on January 31st..

The full "Wolf" moon is on Monday, January 17th.

SaturdayJanuary 17:074:05
SundayJanuary 27:074:06
MondayJanuary 37:074"07
TuesdayJanuary 47:074:08
WednesdayJanuary 57:074:09
ThursdayJanuary 67:064:10
FridayJanuary 77:064:11
SaturdayJanuary 87:064:12
SundayJanuary 97:064:13
MondayJanuary 107:054:14
TuesdayJanuary 117:054:16
WednesdayJanuary 127:054:17
ThursdayJanuary 137:044:16
FridayJanuary 147:044:19
SaturdayJanuary 157:034:20
SundayJanuary 167:034:22
MondayJanuary 177:024:23
TuesdayJanuary 187:014:24
WednesdayJanuary 197:014:25
ThursdayJanuary 207:004:27
FridayJanuary 216:594:28
SaturdayJanuary 226:584:29
SundayJanuary 236:584:31
MondayJanuary 246:574:32
TuesdayJanuary 256:564:33
WednesdayJanuary 266:554;35
ThursdayJanuary 276:544:36
FridayJanuary 286:534:38
SaturdayJanuary 296:424:39
SundayJanuary 306:514:40
MondayJanuary 316:504:42
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