Hundreds of votes were cast, and the results are in!

Did you know that last Wednesday was National Pepperoni Pizza Day? We thought it would be the perfect time to pit two local giants against each other and see who comes out victorious. Now, of course, we know that there are many fantastic options for pizza in the Bangor area, so much love to all of those spots, but we wanted to narrow it down to two of the most legendary.

C.D. "Pat" Farnsworth opened Farnsworth's Cafe in Orono, Maine in July 1931. In 1953 Pat added pizza to the menu. Flash forward to 2022, and Pat’s is a staple in Orono, Newport, Augusta, Auburn, Yarmouth, Sanford, Scarborough, North Windham, Ellsworth, Lincoln, Hampden, Bethel, Presque Isle, Sanford, and in the Old Port.

Tri-City Pizza has been serving up piping hot pizza in the Bangor area for over 50 years. It has become so ingrained into the fabric of Bangor, that simply calling it a “tri-pie” is enough for anyone to know what you are talking about. Oh, and they have a really catchy theme song, that was written by our co-worker, Thom Osbourne!

Turns out that the vote wasn't even close, Pat's won pretty easily!

Battle Of The Classics: Pat's Pizza or Tri City Pizza?

Pat's Pizza

Tri City Pizza



When we posted this on Facebook, people had plenty of opinions, here are a few to check out:

Ann Marie Poulin
Just let for the record
..obviously, Pat's #1, but , Bucksport House of Pizza is a close 2nd ....the best thin crust pizza ever, and honestly, their wings surpass Kostas and Brewster's, sorry, just sayin'

Brian Gorrell
Pats Pizza, idk why but I don’t get the Tri-City hype

Webber Cushing
If it was the old school tri city they would win.
But the quality for tricity gone down.
Pats is most consistent In put out great pizza.
So it would be pats

Molly Ogden
Pats hands down. Tri city used to be good until they sold it. Now tri city is disgusting. I wouldn’t even feed tri city to my dog

Margaret McDonald Joyal
Pat’s In Orono….1st choice…..also Mason’s pizza is very good…..

Chris Currier
Any Pats location is better than the new Tri City

Angela Norris
Papa gambinos is the best!

Robert Hackley Jr
Pat's pizza sucks, the sauce is blah, the cheese is plain, and the dough is dry. Angelo's all the way.......

Carly McEnroe
I don’t see the appeal of pats pizza. I have never once gotten a good one that didn’t taste like cardboard or is burned.

Matthew Lang
Don’t care for either. Angelo’s is great. Trade winds makes great pizza too

Ken D'Errico
Cardboard vs. Cardboard - tough choice!

Victoria Ashton
God, neither. Why is pizza so mediocre in the Bangor area?

Chris Matson
Pats Orono. If you say tri city you're wrong. And I like Tri City. So there

John Harriman
Pats Hampden, everyone else is battling for second

Shawn McPhee
TCP, at least until the moment they changed to serving freshies gas station pizza.

Tony Matarazzo
Neither of these places, by a LONG shot. Tri City has crust that’s essentially mdf, and Pat’s Pizza sauce has so much sugar, it’s basically just ketchup. Have better choices. Just go to Jason’s

Brian White
Crap or crap. Not much of a choice.

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