Much of the fall of 2022 felt like an extension of the summer of 2022.  If you remember, we saw temperatures in the mid-70s throughout the first week of November.  It was very strange.  That being said, a lot of people were really feeling the love for the fact that we got just a little more summer.

Some meteorologists are predicting the exact opposite weather for this fall, though.


When Are We Going To Get Snow In Maine?

According to a recent posting from Accuweather, we are likely to see the warmer weather for the northeast, including Maine, continue through the first part of September.  However, after the first few weeks of the month, we will see a dramatic shift in the temperatures.

For much of the northeast, temps are expected to nose dive by the latter half of September.  The article estimates that we could see temperatures that are about 5 degrees lower than they were in 2022.  This will lead to flurries in the upper elevations, like the western mountains of Maine, by the end of September.

Additionally, we could see our first real snowfall of the season by sometime in October.  While this is not completely out of the ordinary, it will seem very strange when compared to the mild October and November that we had last year.

Patrick Bald / Unsplash
Patrick Bald / Unsplash

When Does It Typically Snow In Maine?

According to the How Much Snow website, over the last six years or so we have normally seen our first real snow of the season about the third week of November.  By "real snow" we mean more than just a dusting.  We are talking about a quarter of an inch or more.

Are you ready for winter?  What is your favorite part of winter?

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