Earlier this year, the international space station passed over Maine and snapped a shot that got some pretty awesome reviews from Mainers on social media.

The picture spans the coast of Downeast Maine from about Port Clyde in Knox County to Cutler in Washington County.  Mount Desert Island is shown in the center of the photo, with Frenchman Bay to the right and Union River Bay to the left.

Further to the left of the Castine area is Penobscot Bay, and one can follow the Penobscot River inland past Verona Island, Winterport, Hampden, and eventually to the Bangor area where you can actually see the congestion of the city somewhat from high above.

Some of the bigger bodies of water are plainly viewed as well, like Tunk Lake in Franklin, Graham Lake in Ellsworth and Waltham, and Phillips Lake in Dedham.


The International Space Station floats over our area sometimes up to six times a day.  One night a few years ago, this author actually glanced up at the right time at night to see a booster fire from it, which is used to steer it in the correct direction.  It was a pretty amazing thing to view.

NASA.Gov has a great section of the site that tells you when, how high, and how long the International Space Station crosses over any area of the world.  Space lovers usually check the weather for the night, mix a cocktail or two, and then set out chairs for the occasion.  Of course the darker it is, the better the view will be.

$1.75 Million Island Paradise Is Ellsworth's Most Expensive Home For Sale

Would you jump into the pool or the lake? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Wow, this place is really nice. A 6000 square foot, 4 bedroom, 5 bath island paradise with a big, beautiful pool as well. Sign us up!

Isle Wood is located at 452 Philips Way in Ellsworth with 1000+ feet of shoreline on Branch Lake, the City of Ellsworth's water source. The water is crystal clear in both the lake and the pool for that matter.

The French-style home that was built in 1996 is located on an island with it's own bridge to the mainland, so if you dig privacy, then this is your place! It's also been renovated extensively and set up for year-round living.

We found it listed by Acadia Realty Group for $1.75 million and it includes over 5 acres of land, which gives you plenty of room to have the time of your life.

$3.5 Million Bar Harbor Estate For Sale Includes An Amazing Pool

The stuff that dreams are made of!

Wow, look at this huge solar-heated saltwater swimming pool, which is part of this $3.5 million dollar estate for sale located on the shore of Salsbury Cove in Bar Harbor. There's certainly enough room in it for all of your family and friends, and then some! Just imagine the pool parties that you could hold here. Where's that volleyball?

The property built in 2009 is located at 65 Shore Acres Road and consists of the main house and a couple of really nice seasonal guesthouses on 2.64 acres right on the shore. All total we're talking 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and a total of 5,826 square feet. Pretty amazing, and that's what your guests are sure to say when they stop by to visit or to spend a few fun-filled and relaxing days by the ocean in Bar Harbor.

The property is listed for sale by Jamie O'Keefe on Realtor.com..

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