It's no secret that Maine is the most heavily wooded state in the entire country. Almost 80% of our land is covered in trees. Which, by extension, gives a huge area for animals to call home. Including Maine's largest mammal, the moose. And every year on Maine roads, there are all sorts of car crashes from fender bender to fatal, at the fault of the giant animals.

In a recent article in the Portland Press Herald, they featured an interactive map, that will show you where all moose related accidents took place, and the nature of the accident itself. All you have to do is hover the mouse over one of the red dots on the map, and voila! You can get all the information you need. Check out the interactive map here. 

They also spell out when some of the more active periods are. For instance, the thick of winter is an extremely quiet time for moose. There were no reported accidents last year during January and February, and it slowly started picking up in March, and then ramping up through the summer. There's also plenty of data featuring the peak times of day or night for accidents, as well as the different levels of severity for each accident.

Sadly, with almost no effort, just about all of us have been touched by a tragedy involving a car accident with a moose. sometimes it's just a dent, and other times it can be a major accident that changes our lives forever. It just might be a good thing to check out some of this info, and see if you can avoid some of the issues, times, and circumstances that have affected so many here in Maine.

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