27 year old Tyler Wood, who had completed the entire Appalachian Trail this year, suffered serious injuries on the Precipice Trail on Christmas Day, December 25th. According to his Facebook page, his right shoulder was dislocated and broken along with a broken right wrist. His left shoulder was also dislocated. A rib or two was fractured. Wood was scheduled to have surgery in Eastern Maine Medical Center on December 26th.

According to a press release from Acadia National Park, Wood slipped 30 feet on the icy Precipice Trail. His hiking companion called for help, and Acadia National Park Rangers and members of the Mount Desert Island Search and Rescue Team arrived on scene at 12:40 PM.

Because of Wood’s critical condition and the icy trail conditions, park rangers requested a helicopter from the Maine Army National Guard to remove Wood from the mountain. With the combined help of 14 emergency responders, a technical rope rescue was used to lift Wood about 12 feet to a suitable location where he could be hoisted to the helicopter. Maine Army National Guard transported Wood directly to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor.
“We want to thank all of the emergency responders for their efforts in rescuing Mr. Wood under such difficult conditions,” said Superintendent Kevin Schneider. “We are grateful to the Maine Army National Guard and volunteers from Mount Desert Island Search and Rescue for their outstanding service to the park.”

The National Park Service strongly advises visitors to avoid dangerous conditions and be prepared for severe weather conditions while enjoying Acadia National Park in the winter. When hiking, wear appropriate clothing and footwear (including shoe traction devices for ice and snow) and carry water, food, headlamp, map, and cell phone. Also, make sure to tell someone about your plans, leave a note in your car, and avoid hiking alone.