The maintenance manager credited with saving the lives of LEAP, Inc employees, just before the building exploded last year, is finally going home.

Larry Lord smelled propane when he arrived at work early that fateful morning of September 16th. He evacuated the employees and called firefighters. As he took them through the facility to try and find the source of the gas, the building was flattened in a massive explosion. One firefighter, Captain Michael Bell, was killed while Lord and six firefighters were injured. But those firefighters were treated and eventually released, while Lord has been in the hospital, and then a Massachusetts rehab facility, for nearly a year.

This week, he finally gets to go home. Lord's healing is far from over according to his family, who told WABI-TV that doctors say he still has a long and difficult road ahead. But they say they're thrilled to have him home, where he can heal surrounded by loved ones.

A police escort is planned, from the facility in Boston to Lord's home in Farmington, to welcome him back. Governor Mills welcomed him home, saying his perseverance, courage, and kindness is an inspiration.

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