The Hermon Boy's Team beat  MDI in the Boy's High School Finals of the 25th Annual Great Harbor Shoot-Out played at Pemetic Elementary School on Sunday, March 19th.

Hermon led 21-17 at the end of the 1st Quarter. Garrett Trask had 9 points for Hermon including a 3-pointer. Kent Johnson, Cody Hawes, Joel Bergeron and Keenan Marseille each had 3 points for Hermon with Hawes and Johnson having 3-pointers. For MDI Drew Shea had 10 points with 2 3-pointers, Andrew Phelps had 5 points with a 3-pointer and James McConomy had 2 points.

MDI outscored Hermon 17-16 in the 2nd Quarter and Hermon went into halftime with a 37-34 lead. For MDI Derek Collin had 7 points, Nick Stanley, Drew Shea and Andrew Phelps all had a 3-pointer and Colby Lee had 2 points for MDI. For Hermon Cody Hawes had 3 3-pointers for 9 points, Marseille had 3 points, and Mike Berabe and Jordan Bishop each had 2 points.

Hermon increased their lead to 4 points at the end of the 3rd Quarter 51-47. Trask and Johnson each had a 3-pointer for Hermon, Marseille was 3-4 from the free throw line and Tyler Hawes and Joel Bergeron had 2 points each while Jordan Bishop was 1-2 from the free throw line. For MDI McConomy had 4 points, Phelps had 3 points, and Colby Lee, Derek Collin and Drew Shea had 2 points each.

In the 4th Quarter Hermon drained 4 3-pointers. Cody Hawes and Garrett Trask each had 2 3-pointers for 6 points each. Marseille, Bishop, and Johnson each had 2 points. For MDI James McConomy had a 3-pointer, Colby Lee had 3 points and Derek Collin had 2 points.

Hermon was led by Cody Hawes and Garrett Trask each of whom had 18 points. Jordan Bishop had 15 points. Keenan Marseille had 11 points, Kent Johnson had 8 points, Joel Bergeron had 5 points, Tyler Hawes had 3 points and Mike Berabe had 2 points. Also playing was Connor Patten.

MDI was led by Drew Shea with 15 points. Andrew Phelps had 11 points, Derek Collin had 10 points  and James McConomy had 9 points. Colby Lee had 7 points while Nick Stanley had 3 points. Also playing for MDI were Dane Vanzura, Alden Fournier and Owen Mild.

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